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Not that I have many followers and stuff, but I’m done with all the negativity right now. After watching 5x11 I went to check out tumblr and what was pulled out of the episode. Sadly, the things I thought would make a great gif or whatever, weren’t mentioned. Instead there’s this mocking/complaining going on.
Yes, I agree with some points. As Angie appearing here and there instead of Jane, lack of Maura and continuity.

Gay baiting? Yes, they are “dangling the carrot” right in front of us. But we all know we’ll never have Rizzles. Why? Maybe JNash would do it, we all know Sasha is okay with it, even the writers seem to ship it. But we also know Angie would never do it, and she gets her way. We’ve seen that. But it doesn’t matter. Cause Hollywood is driven by money and power. Most of all money…. TNT won’t go for it. Because WB won’t go for it. Because WB will keep milking this cow. And turning two straight friends into a romantic couple is far too risky. They would rather lose 100 viewers than 1000.

And the whole flirting thing that’s been far more obvious this season….. Have you never had a friend of same sex that you just connected with from the beginning? Where you could tease and banter and flirt and have fun without anyone taking it too seriously or being hurt?
I know what I’m talking about. I’m in the smack middle of it right now. I constantly flirt and tease my “work wife” (who btw is married and straight). We work really well together. And other people seems to have fun as well. Yes, one or two might have had their thoughts about us being a couple or not, but I think they understand now. I can call her “honey”, say that “of course I’ll do anything you ask me”. My pia of a good friend said that we have “the most flirty friendly relationship” she had ever witnessed.
I agree.

I think Maura and Jane are perfect for each other. As friends or lovers. But I don’t watch because I hope they’ll finally hook up. I watch because of Sasha and Angie and the on screen chemistry. I watch for the banter and the sarcastic replies. For the cute and adorable Maura and protective Jane. And for the power of two strong women. I watch because they make me laugh and cry. Because I love the show, obviously, since I keep coming back every week and even write fan fics (I could easily write fics where they are just friends but I’m a romantic….in lack of romance so I daydream, go ahead judge me….).
I try to avoid the complaining each week (which is why I usually wait a few days to see the episode) but it’s not easy. And it’s making me frustrating. Yes I’m aware that I don’t have to read it. No one is forcing me to. But no one is forcing you either, to watch a show you “constantly” complain about. No one makes you sit through all that awfulness. Those stupid, meaningless scenes.
I don’t have the experience of being a writer on a cop show (though I’d love to) so I can only imagine what it’s like to write 15 episodes, rewrite them, and then rewrite some more. While working out the next story. All the while following the guidelines from the top.
If every episode should be “perfect”, we wouldn’t even have 15 or even 12 episodes each season. Just not enough time, or money…..

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just cranky tonight, but whatever. My thoughts are out there now.


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Idara Victor (aka Nina Holiday)


Idara Victor (aka Nina Holiday)


Dear rizzoliandislestnt,

it appears that you guys have been skipping class way too often. You don’t even seem to know the basics of your own show any longer. I think it’s time for an extra lesson before we’ll have to send you to detention!

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